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Decorative Wave

Hecate’s Hideaway

A little cabin in the woods. Facilitator space or those looking for meditative, solitary space. Hailed as the goddess of the crossroads, Hecate has wisdom for those who listen and allow themselves to be led.

1-2 people $50/night

Hecate’s Hideaway
Mary’s Mountain Lodge

Mary’s Mountain Lodge

Cabin with a kitchen, bunk beds, private patio. Mary is the virgin mother and hearth; calling us back home to ourselves and one another.

12 people $150/night

Quan Yin’s Perch

Cabin with bunk beds. Quan yin is the goddess of compassion & mercy.

14 people $100/night

The Temple

The Temple

All purpose sacred space for workshops, events, dance, yoga, ceremony and circles.

Temple $50/ day with cabin rental

Exterior & Showerhouse

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Trees and mountain view