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Heart of Feminine Wisdom

October 21 (9:00am - 1:00pm EST)

Heart Wisdom

Heart of Feminine Wisdom is a space for sourcing, reading, and responding to your own heart. For opening up to yourself and others. For awakening to your aliveness.

Heart is calling if any of these ring true for you:

  • Feeling like it’s all too much
  • Desire to open up to yourself and others
  • Periods of feeling lost, bleak, disconnected
  • Curious about how to read and respond to your heart
  • Struggling to find and return to center (yourself) and know what to do
  • Longing to trust your heart as a vital core, compass, guide

Elementary and essential, this 4-hour workshop digs deeply into the landscape of our emotions, innate feeling nature, and the latest science of the heart’s power. Somatic, mystical yet practical, this is a juicy collective experience and a return to center.

Gain practical and potent tools to:

  • Embody understanding of emotional intelligence and heart coherence
  • Access power and wisdom through direct, personal exploration
  • Experience the power of your heart to transform, heal, and hold
  • Connect deeply with the hearts of others and the world

It takes great courage to live a heart-led life. Cultivating a strong capacity to be with what is difficult, horrible, and terrifying, while also sourcing real joy, juicy intimacy, and connectedness – this is the work. Heart-centered knowing arises naturally if you let it.